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Working on 'image' and Boston Trip Part 2
3 Adorable | Sunday, May 27, 2012 8:07 PM

Hello!~ I finally have a banner up there, yaay. Before I begin with anything, here's a vlog video I made yesterday ^_^

Watch in HD!

Yesss, that's how I really look, all bare. I'm not going to wear make up in my vlogs. My vlogs are not meant to impress, but to express my thoughts. So deal with the oiliness and occasional pimpliness!~ *shot* (EDIT: I have a Cherry channel where I'll also do vlogs but in that one I have to pamper myself up more. It's only in my personal channel where I'll be showing little or no makeup :D)

Alright let's get on topic. As a trainee, I have to research on different idols to familiarize with how they connect to the public. With that kind of research, it will help me work on my own image and personality. Being an "idol" is not just about the talent but also on how you present yourself to the audience. From what's typical in the J-pop culture, the #1 requirement sought in an idol is to be "cute" or "kawaii". I've  always been girly and I love Sanrio brands, feminine outfits and beautiful sceneries so trying to sport the "cute" look is doable.

However, I don't want to give the impression that all about me is "cute" D: I can try to look like it but to ACT cute is a different story, and there's no way I'm going to pretend that I'm all "genki" or "aegyo" (in Korean)! To be honest, I've never really looked in depth on how I really act in person. Am I sweet, am I talkative, am I funny? I can be funny if I wanted to, but only around people I'm close with, haha! One thing that I do know, is that I like to show the tough side in me. I'm 18 and I want to show how independent and strong I can be as a young woman!
So the kind of image I'm having in mind is someone that's cute but with a little bit of swag!  *hipstah pose*

Btw, please keep looking out for the Oishii! Project site! The link is in the About Me section. The profiles of the Ichigo members are up and soon after, the Mini Cherries' :)

Okie, so that is all! Here are pictures from my 2nd and 3rd day in Boston:

 Walking on our way up to Six Flags~ I loved the M&Ms floor! Didn't take pictures there because I was too busy walking and going on rides.

Our room in the hotel. We were so bored and just watched Fairly Odd Parents ;w;

There was a gay pride event in this park in Boston! It was nice~ I got free sweets and balloons. But they also gave out condom lollipops, hahaha, but I didn't get one.

Spent our last lunch in Boston at the Hardrock Cafe. They played very nice music from the 70s! I'm starting to appreciate rock music even more.

Yaay my friends being all cute and Asian~~

So that's all! This post is long but I guess since I update every week, each post will be around this length so you have more to look out for!~ Next week I will post more about my drawing stuff C: 

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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