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Looking up SEA bloggers and other things
0 Adorable | Sunday, June 10, 2012 6:52 PM

Hi everyone~ So I recently found out that people are speculating of me being a tomboy in the O!P group o_o Whoa, just because I said I wanted to be "tough" doesn't mean I wanted to be boy-ish. I just meant, looking more cool and mature ^^; Hehe.

But in any case, I'm a girl inclined to girly things. If you look at my tumblr you'll see that I'm fond of a lot of frills, laces, and poofy skirts! I'm very much a fan of hime gyaru and Korean fashion. But I definitely want to have a change in wardrobe and style just because it doesn't hurt to try out something new ^^

Anyway I've been looking up other idol groups but it's hard to find a good one that matches to the image I want to have. So I looked up some popular Southeast Asian bloggers! There's one named Audrey (this is her blog site). She's around 28 years old but she looks incredibly young. And she loves clothes too, of course, haha.

I wish I could look that young when I turn 28 OTZ

She really takes the time to look good, and I'm a bit jealous of her lifestyle ;A; LOL and you will think after looking at her banner and reading her about me section that she's a shallow and arrogant person, but she's really not! She just says that to be funny and she's much smarter than she seems to be (she has mentioned before having above a 1400 in the old version of the SAT plus a master's degree in Asian studies) And fun fact, she's the girl who got proposed to in the Meme Proposal video! I thought it was a really cute story and I looked up on her fiance more and it turns out he's also a blogger in addition to being a successful business man. I think they suit each other very well and I'm looking forward to their wedding!

Other Southeast Asian bloggers I follow are Xia Xue (from Singapore) and Cheeserland (from Malaysia).

 Xiaxue: I didn't like her two years ago but I realize she's actually pretty damn funny and there were some opinions she posted that I agreed with (like her views about Adele)

Cheeserland: Popular gyaru from Malaysia and I think she was ranked #2 in NHK's Kawaii World contest!

I know both of them have strong personalities, which I admire ;v; I like how innocent and cute they look and yet they curse off so much in their blog posts xDDD

Ok moving on, the Mini Cherries biographies have been updated! Check it out : http://www.oishiiproject.com/p/oishiiminicherries.html
They changed my picture too, hehe ;v; The setting looks better now. And everyone else looks so adorable! ^o^ Anyway, being in O!P is a lot of work. We're really trying to be actual entertainers and that is why we are working hard to work on our image. I thought at first that talent is what matters the most, but I realize that it's also an entertainer's duty to connect with the audience in a fun and exciting manner. So I will keep working hard!

And I didn't think being in this group would affect me so much. I kept contemplating, "What was my purpose to be in this group?" I initially thought this was an ordinary singing group until I made it in and realized this was a net idol group lol xDD All I ever wanted is to sing my heart out because in the past,  I was never able to do it because I was too scared to do it in public. For the past year, I've gone over my stage fright, and I'm happy I was able to accomplish that! But now, I want to do something more, and that is to make new friends. I'm not interested in gaining fans (I don't think I'm at that level yet where I can, really), I just want to meet people who have the same interest as me. I meet new people in choir and it's great and everything. But I also want to meet people who like singing to J-pop! It's hard to meet those kinds of people in real life because I don't go to conventions often and I've only gone to the maid cafe a few times. It just feels lonely sometimes doing things you enjoy on your own.

Whoa, this was a bit of a long post ^^; Sorry if it's boring you guys. Anyway, I can't wait till next week because exams are finally over and I can finish stuff! *_*b

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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