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Self-image stuff D;
3 Adorable | Sunday, June 24, 2012 10:19 AM

Hey everyone! :D So I think I just found a certain style that would work for me. And I played around with my hair! Well, it's nothing much but I thought it looked pretty cool and cute. I didn't do great with the coiling (I got it from one of Beckii Cruel's hair tutorials) but it looks ok from the camera XD

Derp. And there's a hairclip hanging at the side! D:

What do you think? Or it might've just been my facial expression that made the difference *dies*

There's another picture I have in Facebook, this time with a hoodie on.

I-I think I finally get what type of look I want! ;v; *does a happy dance*

One of the O!P managers showed us a band named Scandal, and I have to admit, I've never heard of that band even though its songs have appeared in animes like Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist (both which I do not watch) TTvTT I don't follow alot of J-rock bands basically. But Scandal's music is very good and I love their style!

Btw, I don't think any of these looks are tomboy-ish. When I think of the word "tomboy" I literally imagine a girl dressing and acting like a boy but I don't see it here at all. It looks cute but less in the dainty side and more of a street style.

I also want to dye my hair! Like... dark brown. I know people keep saying they love my black hair and that I should keep it but stiiill I want to play with my hair more :(((

Aaah, there's so many ideas I have in my mind, but I'll keep working! There's actually a lot of things I have to do for O!P @__@ I like it the feeling of working hard though, makes me feel more motivated :D

There's another issue that concerns me and that is my um, body figure. I'm worried about the amount of fat I have in my legs. All of the stuff I eat goes there xD; And I have fat calves. They're like 14 inches thick :( I'm not satisfied with that, especially for my height and weight. I'm 5'1.5" or 157 cm tall and for my weight, I'm not sure if my scale is right but it says that I'm 98 pounds but it might be an error and I really weigh more than that =.= Or maybe I'm just exaggerating *rolls around* But it's not the weight number I'm worried about but the actual fat in my legs and how to get rid of them! Many people have said that I don't need to work out, that I'm skinny enough. I completely understand where they're coming from. Maybe I'm being too demanding of my self-image. I think that I'm thin but I'm definitely not skinny and I want to be... skinny. Not like super model skinny but Kozue Aizawa skinny. Here, I'll show you a picture of me with my legs:

Click to see full view

     At first glance, you might think that my legs look fine. But comparing it with my arms you see there's a difference. And they're not made of muscles either. I like jiggling my calves sometimes lol OTZ So yeah, they COULD do a little more work. I'm thinking of cardio exercises because I hear that's really helpful. I'm not sure about jogging because I hate going outside and being seen by people from school (it's a small town) >_> It's a stupid excuse I know, lol. So for now I'm exercising by playing Just Dance! or practicing j-pop dances. And for diet, I'll continue the way I eat right now # v # But I'll probably avoid snacks because the only reason I eat them is out of boredom lol. 

But please don't think that I want to be anorexic or anything! There's no way I'm letting myself go under 93-95 pounds #__# It's hard to explain. And I'm the only female person in the family who has the most weight. My mom is actually thinner than me -_- And my sister, who is 10, is very active in sports so she looks skinny as well. Actually, even my dad is skinny OTZ So yeah, I come from a naturally small family. I'm not here to promote skinny figures to everyone, so this is just a self issue! Everyone should always be in the weight and figure they're most comfortable in.

Lastly, I will record tomorrow my first vlog in my Cherry channel! # v # Look out for that~ i think that it will come out so much better than my intro video because that time, I was so nervous and my voice came out squeaky and weird -_- Ah well~~~ 

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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