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Yearbook, Fan Page, and Real life Bishie *v*
0 Adorable | Sunday, June 17, 2012 6:10 PM

Exams are finally over. FOREEEVER!!! Thank god. I barely studied for anything but I still got all As and a B+ in my scores ;v; I'm mostly proud of my calc exam since we were allowed to use our notebooks for reference but I never used them. And then I was first to finish, had an hour extra time to sleep and got a 96 *shot*

This week we also got our yearbooks! I was so lazy to bring it to school to make people sign because it was so heavy =n= But I finally brought it on Thursday and I had to rush and stalk people to sign it. In the end, it was all worth it and reading the messages made me really happy.

I'm so happy my friend drew those cute characters! 

I still have to fill another page tomorrow :)

It made me realize how much I have changed for the better over these past 3 years. I was incredibly shy when I moved here to America but my friend said in one of her letters that I gradually became very active and social. I don't know if that's true since I still spend most of my time indoors *hides* It was just junior year I did alot of extracurricular activities, which in return made me meet new people. Surprisingly, throughout those 3 years, I did not get involved in any kind of drama. I never had a single fight with my friends, because we were all mature enough not to do so. I'm really grateful to have met these people, and it's because of this that I feel very accepted. And my two best friends are incredibly kind, intelligent, pretty, funny, and supportive and I honestly teared inside when one of them said that the first time she talked to me, she knew we would be best friends forever TT___TT *rolls around*

Also, just reading all these messages made me wish I got to hang out with people more. And make new friends. But I'm such a shy person and I'm not much of a talker so it's hard. It might be even harder for me to make new friends in college but I will do my best!
Next week will be graduation rehearsal and everything will finally be over. I honestly will not miss high school. I mean, I will miss the people of course but not the work given to us, haha.

I still have to find a job though. My parents keep encouraging and pushing me, which is nice :) I'm handing in applications for two stores tomorrow IN PERSON. Hopefully there's a difference in acceptance rates when applying online and doing it in person. I wish I could just hand it in today but the store is already closing in less than 15 minutes *sigh* -_- I'm so nervous. I hope no one steals the position I'm aiming for before I ever hand anything in.

Lastly, I finished a chapter cover of my manga. It looks so.. lame, but whatever xD

I have a Facebook Artist Fan page as well. The link is in the left box column :D So if you have a Facebook and Like my page then I will be deeply grateful and thankful! ^_^

Ok one last thing to blab about. My friend in the Philippines took pictures with a FREAKING MEGA HOT REAL LIFE BISHIE / SHOTA in a convention.

I wish I teleported myself back to the Phil and like, shake hands with him. He looks so cute, and I love his baby face ;A; I wish I had a boyfriend like him. And guys who have good fashion tastes are definitely my type btw! If only I was stylish myself though *sits in corner* Sigh, I've been fangirling more and more on cute Asian guys. First, it was the Nico dancer Hayato, then Melochin, then ShounenT, and now this dude T__T Oh well. A girl like me can dream on~ 

But is it weird that I'd rather like someone I admire and look up to? I mean, he doesn't have to like me back.  I just like someone who's dedicated to his craft, whether it be sports, music, etc. and I'd be willing to cheer him on, even if it's from afar. Maybe I have that fangirl attitude after all *dies* But this does NOT apply to popular male performers, I'm just referring to regular guys in general!

By next month I'll have two Vocaloid dance covers up! I'm not guaranteeing anything good since I'm such a lame dancer but it's the thought that counts # v # I have to learn dancing for the sake of O!P OTZ 

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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