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Finished a drawing, tennis talk, ASEAN outing, and more =)
2 Adorable | Friday, July 13, 2012 11:04 AM

Current song of the week: Cruel Angel Thesis by Takahashi Youko

     From now on, I'll be putting a title song at the start of my blog post just so I can share some music with you guys :D I usually will put up Jpop and Kpop music, piano music, or music box music.

I finally finished Nina's picture! ;V;

I have a Facebook artist page so if you want to see the progress album of this picture, click here :
My Facebook Artist Page

I still have a long way to go with bgs... uvu

And this week was so exciting because of the Wimbledon 2012 Championship.

(Wimbledon Final: Federer vs. Murray)

     I'm not very knowledgeable of the many titles Roger Federer has won but all I knew was that he really wanted to get back to #1 in the world even if he has reached the age of 30. Today he won the championship against Scottish player Andy Murray, and I'm so so happy and proud of Federer but at the same time very sad for Murray! I even cried a little in my bed so nobody could see me because my mom was all out for Federer. I already had the feeling that he would win the championship anyway but when Murray won that first set, I seriously thought for a second that he would win. Like yeah, Federer is like the best out of the best but if Murray won this thing, it would be a miracle. But in the end, this awesome godly Swiss player took the trophy fair and square and I'm proud of both players because both played an intense and amazing match!

(AAAHHHH, he's so gorgeous ;v;)

Ok, enough of my tennis blabber~~ xD

     Yesterday, I also went to a park outing that my dad's office was holding. There were tents that represented ASEAN (Southeast Asian) countries and it was all about fun, games and food! I thought it was nice, even if I didn't talk much. I wasn't close with the kids my age (actually no, they're still in middle school lol) in the tent and they just minded their own business. But at least I got to talk with this lady who is a girlfriend of my dad's colleague. She said I'll have fun in college and she told me to enjoy it. Which was nice of her~~

Ambassadors of Philippines and Indonesia playing some ping pong game xD

Tents in the park~~ 

Kids playing a game 

Freebie from the Malaysian section!

Tug of war played by the diplomats. My country had that Sparta kind of energy, yeah...

My sister and I (I  look lame~~) LOL some of the Mini Cherry girls say I look like Tomomi Itano but looking at my sister's chin, I think she's the one who looks like her!

     Sunday is my orientation dorming for college :D I'm super excited! I'll be staying for 3 days and 2 nights in a dorm and I'll be doing some fun activities with the female residents! Also, my family and I have bought so many things already for my dorm preparation.

     Anyway that's all. Me and the rest of the Oishii! members have a new assignment in that I'm not really sure how to complete since I don't have the tools needed for it. Actually, no, I do have them but it's not the fanciest equipment you can find in a store TTvTT

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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