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I'm in Connecticut!
2 Adorable | Sunday, July 29, 2012 3:12 PM

Current song of the week: Time Goes By by Ever Little Thing

I first heard this song covered by an Italian singer, who performed in Nodojiman! The World. It's a very pretty song and I can hear the 90's vibe in it!

Hello~~ :D So last Thursday I came here to Connecticut with my sister to stay over at my aunt's. It's been pretty awesome! I shopped at the mall first and in H&M, I bought this skirt that I could use for a party... if ever I go to one *dies* I took a risk and bought a short, tight skirt that girly girls would wear. I don't even know why. But the colors are pretty tame and nothing too flashy.

I promise that I will wear stockings or leggings underneath it. Honestly, I'm still insecure with my legs so.. there ya go xDD

We also went to the beach... in the rain. My aunt's friend invited us but my uncle was a bit hesitant about it because of the weather but we still went. We even prayed during our ride on our way there because the rain was so strong and it was hard to see what was ahead of the road. But we arrived safely, so it's all good. Despite the rain, the kids were still in the waters and the water was pretty calm so it was no problem to swim there :D 

There's no rain in this picture but after 15 minutes it came

After my aunt and uncle's friends arrived, it got better and we gathered inside the pavilion to eat and talk. Despite the weather, the peoples' cheeriness and enthusiasm really made up for it and  I think it was quite a nice experience. There was a baby in the party so I just played with him along with my cousin and sister xD;

Tonight, my sister, cousin and uncle might go laser tagging.  I'll go along but meh, I'm not into laser tagging. I'll probably just buy some greasy food and enjoy myself =v= 

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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