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Preparing for dorm, and I went to the beach! (Beware, lots of photo spam)
0 Adorable | Monday, July 23, 2012 2:29 PM

Current song of the week: Summer by Joe Hisaishi

I just got back from the beach yesterday and listening to Joe's music was really soothing. Enjoy the summer while it lasts! :D

So I bought stuff already for my dorm...

I still don't have items such as notebooks and folders because it will all depend on my class schedule which won't be revealed until August 20th >__> This is what happens when I enroll in a crazy big school, lol. 

And I'm pretty pumped. Last week I was at an orientation and it was soo much fun. I got to know people from the Science and Engineering department, mostly girls, and they were all very cool. We played games and toured around the campuses. It was awesome! ~

Painting~~~~ :D

My dorm

Making collages for our composition botebooks. I KNOW I HAS BIG THIGHS.

Awesome people~~ ^_^

During the meeting session we could post anonymous questions and just random stuff on that large screen. It was funny!

A puddle located in the campus I'm dorming in. They say that if a couple walks around it while holding hands, they can be together forever lol. It still amazes me how universities can have such pretty parks ._.;

Lastly, me and my orientation team mates! There's actually 11 of us in a group so I didn't get to show all of them orz I swear pictures make us people look bigger compared in real life.

Ok, last set of picture spamming! Yesterday, I went to the beeeach. And I hate the beach. It's hot, I get dizzy when I enter the water, the waves freak me out, there are tons of people everywhere. AND we had to pay to enter the shore. I thought this was a public beach! In Korea, nobody pays for anything to stroll around the beach. Sheesh -_- Also, I slept in the shade with a towel as my blanket. Like an old lady~~ Bwahaha. 


And ugly meee again! I need to trim my eyebrows soon -.-

Getting ready to leave the beach (at last). I hate my cheeks ...

Sorry for my ugly portrait pics T.T I don't want to take the time to Photoshop them *shot* 

I actually filmed a video of me dancing, early this month. But I'm not posting it cuz I looked TERRIBLE in it~~~ So I decided that I'll only post song videos, and that's good since that will help keep my YT channel consistent. I want to sing a Taiwanese song actually but it's hard to memorize the lyrics. I'm wondering if I should just stare at the screen instead of the camera when I sing to read the lyrics. But I think that would look unprofessional :/ Well, we'll see! I'll try to keep it up ;v;

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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