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Went to a party, art study books and working on more images!
0 Adorable | Sunday, July 1, 2012 1:29 PM

I have a public twitter! You can find me here  especially for those who've followed me in my old account~ ^_^ : Chikage (千景) / @MochaClaire

So hellooo~~! Yesterday I went to a sweet 16 birthday party.

     It was nice seeing some of my friends dressed up while they were doing those traditional formal dancing, haha. The party started at 7 pm and I think it lasted until 12 am or later but I left around 10:15 pm because  my dad was getting sleepy to pick me up and I myself was getting a bit tired. I'm such a party  pooper I swear haha. I felt bad for leaving early but it's not like I'm close with the celebrant to begin with so.. yeah xD;

     Also, I borrowed some books from the library. As you know, I'm a hobbyist artist so I'm technically an amateur (I did take a few art classes in high school, but I feel like I didn't gain enough knowledge from it).

     I'm reading the Perspective book first because I seriously have to work on backgrounds  so yeah. Also, I want to make more details and add more realistic touches when I trees and forests so I also borrowed the Drawing Nature book. They're very very useful, especially for amateurs like me.

I learned about balance in composition before but this kind of visual omparison is very helpful


 Have yet to read this part xD

     Lol I'm actually working on a request pic that one of the Mini Cherry  girls asked from me. I'm trying to add backgrounds more so I added a concert stage  and I referenced from the google 3d warehouse stock items.

I'll keep working on it!~~~

If you're interested to see the step by step process of the pictures I make, you can look at my Facebook page which is in the list of links I have in the left column :D

Plus I finished this sakura kind of pic within 2 days which was.. yeah, impressive for me but I could've done so much better with the sakura branches 9 v 9

Even though I've recently been doing more O!P stuff - and I have one more assignment left to finish, whew - I will never let go of the fact that I love to draw the most in the world. And I know that my art is average and that I am slow. And I'll never have a career as an illustrator. But whether it's just a side hobby or a full job, as long as you are in love with what you do then that's all that matters. There are times when I struggle with my self esteem and lose confidence. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with my skills. But that's what's so beautiful about something you're passionate about. It's like a love-hate relationship, haha.

It was only for the past year and a  half that I realized how much I love music, so to me that's my second love. I'm still practicing skills and techniques because there are songs that I really want to sing so badly but I'm not able to because my range is still not that big ;v; There are also things such as breathing and control that I have to work on and I'm definitely going to look at some tutorials to help me get through it!

Ok that is all~ =v= I'll probably bore myself to death for the next week but the week after I'm going to a summer orientation program to meet the people from my residence hall so that'll be nice~ ^_^

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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