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Bought a few items and went to Upper State NY :D
5 Adorable | Sunday, August 12, 2012 10:44 AM

Song of the week: そよ風が草原をなでるように / Soyokaze ga Sōgen o Naderu Yō ni / Like a Gentle Breeze Stroking the Grasslands by KOKIA
KOKIA is one of my favorite Jpop singers. I love the sweetness  of her voice, it's really soothing. And this song is from her debut album which was released in 1999. Hope you like it ^^

     Today, I've reached 50 likes in my Facebook art page ^^ I'm only an invisible being lurking around in FB, so this number made me content enough  xD You can find my page here: http://www.facebook.com/chikiemocha If you have a Facebook, you can support me by liking my page :D Thank you! *end of silly promotion*

     I did a lot of things this week, one which includes learning Japanese in which you can find a post about it below xD

     I went to the mall on Thursday with my friends~ It was fun! ^^ We went to see The Dark Knight Rises and I thought it was really good *o* Don't kill me for this but I slept for  around 15 minutes because I got a bit bored but I don't think I missed anything important. The second half of the movie was the most exciting part, and the ending was just great TT^TT One thing I do have to point out is how Anne Hathaway's acting felt so... awkward. I was the only who felt that way and my friends said they liked her acting lol. I just thought it was too exaggerated. But hey, film critics say they like  her acting, so who am I to judge xD

     And I bought new items too. Nothing much, just a Hello Kitty nail polish and faux pearl earrings because I've never had those before xD

     Another friend invited me to go shopping on Friday, this time in New York. I'm going to go to that second hand manga bookstore no matter what to get something from there! xD I haven't bought manga for a long time. And I need to buy jogging pants because I need something comfortable to wear to and from school -.-

     And yesterday, my family and I drove to Upper State NY to have a picnic with my dad's colleagues and their families! It was fun, much better than that ASEAN park event xD I actually played with the people my age and we all rode around the lake with a padde and rowing boat lol

The weather was good and it wasn't too hot. It drizzled a few times but the sun came along anyway

Piccie time with sis! 

Me and my thick thigh again~~ *shot*

How I normally look. Big glasses and nerdy smile. YOU CAN TOTALLY LAUGH IT'S OK TTVTT

How the paddle boat looks

This kid was having a hard time rowing and it was pretty funny xD

It's... made out of wood! xD

     So that's it ^^ I'm glad I got to do something this week, lol. My mom has been complaining how I'm such a shut in but I can't help it, it's in my nature o3o Also, my roommate contacted me through e-mail and I'm really excited to meet her! ^^ I'm glad we're both engineering students because our hall is in another campus and we have to take the university bus to go to the Engineering campus D: The rest of the female engineering students used the all-girls floor in the main residence hall of the Engineering campus. So I'm thankful I'm not alone TTvTT

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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