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College shopping haul
5 Adorable | Sunday, August 19, 2012 8:38 PM

Song of the week: 六兆年と一夜物語 /Rokuchounen to Ichiya Monogatari / Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
 by Soraru (そらる) 

Thought it would be good to put in a male singer for once! The singer is a popular Nico Nico utaite. This song is from his recent doujin album, Sorarhythm. I like this arrangement more than the original Vocaloid one. Also, I find the song pretty catchy :D

     Hello everyone! Right now I'm in Massachusetts to celebrate my aunt's birthday. It's been pretty fun! I also spent my day last Friday in New York City with my friends. It was sooo much fun and tiring but I'll talk about it at the next post, haha.

     So let's start with bags! I think it's important to carry a big bag in college. You don't really need a backpack anymore, unlike in high school, because it's not like you'll have 9 classes in a row every weekday. I have two that I've had since last year.

Pink bag bought in Marshalls and I got the Puma bag as a gift

     And now I bought another two! They'll really be useful ^_^

I think my mom got the left bag for free so she gave it to me, and the right bag is a tote bag from Victoria's Secret

      They say I also need a duffle bag, but I don't have any yet because they're so expensive 8( So I'll buy them at a later time.

     Another thing I bought are rain boots. They're really important, especially if you commute. I live in a dorm but I still have to use the school bus to get to my building, that's how large my school is lol -_- So I bought these Tommy Hilfiger boots in DSW and they're really nice!

     I wanted something simple so I picked this. I like the metallic logo at the top, makes it look a little chic xD And it has insulating fabric inside, so it helps keep me warm! ^-^

     And here are my accessories that I recently bought.

Hair clips from Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger watch from Macy's, Panda Bear necklace from Claire's

Faux pearl bracelet from Forever 21 (only $1.50 lol) and Konoshi glasses from a China Town optic store. 

     Oh gosh, I also need to buy head bands ;A; I kept borrowing my sister's so now I have nothing to bring to my dorm orz

     Also, I'm bringing these small bottles of cologne with me. I really like them, they don't have a strong scent and I can use it everyday without leaving a strong odor lol.

     For my top clothes, I bought most of them from Old Navy at a clearance sale because I'm a cheapskate that way D: But still! I thought the clothes I bought were pretty nice and comfortable to wear in the fall and winter. 

Clockwise from top left corner: white tank top, orange wrap-around sweater, grey hoodie and purple sweater

     And in case of a formal event, I have a black dress with me :D It looks simple but when I wore it, I looked more... womanly. The dress really accentuates your figure o.o

Black lacey dress from Zara. 

     Ok, last of my haul are my pants! I bought two jogging pants, a pair of leggings, and for the first time, colored pants. I bought quite a few first-times this summer xD;

Left: Pink jogging pants and grey leggings from H&M. Right: Green skinny pants and black jogging pants from Macy's         
     I bought skinny jeans in Hollister as well but I can't find them right now, haha. And btw, I recommend to buy lounge pants in Uniqlo, if you have one nearby! They're very comfy and cheap too.

     Other things I still need to buy are sneakers and flats. These are a must, so I'm going to hunt for those next week #__#b

     So um, I guess that's all for my haul! ^^ My items aren't really that interesting and I'm no  fashionista or trend follower - I guess the only interesting things I bought were the colored pants and watch because bronze color is apparently "in" right now lol.

     Off to next week's post! @_@/

 Lol I had nothing better to do ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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