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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (or The Met) and Book Off
5 Adorable | Sunday, August 26, 2012 12:07 AM

Song of the week: Viva La Vida Cover by Aimer (エメ)

Aimer is a Jpop singer who debuted last year. She's currently my favorite Jpop artist and I love her voice so much ;w; Her first album consisted of cover songs including Viva La Vida. Hope you guys enjoy the music!

     Before I start with my blog post, I updated the About section and added a few facts about my nickname :D 

     So off to the main topic! Last week, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with three of my friends. We left our town at 8:30  am and arrived back home at around 5:00 pm. There was so much walking to do!! But that's exactly what Manhattan is known for, haha.

     Anyway, here are the pictures that I took. I hope you guys like it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I couldn't memorize all the titles and artists' names, nor did I take pictures of all the description plates so I'm a bit sad I can't label everything precisely. There were too many artworks to look at ;v;

The museum is located in 5th Avenue beside Central Park, at the East Side

A lot of European paintings involved religious themes such as this one

An unfinished painting. The medium used here was oil on wood.

A friend admiring a picture~

The Asian Art section. This is one of the Japanese artworks.

I thought this statue looked so cool *_* South Asian art was definitely one of the highlights in the Asian art section

Chinese tablet

The Medieval Section~ That's my friend's head at the left corner xD

They even had replicas of fancy Austrian rooms ;v;

Renoir is definitely one of my favorite painters!

     If you'd like to see more pictures, I made an album that you can click on. There were so many pictures I took that I can't post all of them here xD

Click the thumbnail below to access more pics:

      Overall, the experience was amazing and I was so inspired and in awe of all the artworks. If anyone wants to visit New York City, definitely visit The Metropolitan Museum! You won't regret it ヽ(´ー`)ノ

     After that, we walked along Central Park to get to the subway. My friends and I were already getting tired but we had no choice, haha.

The park is huge and there's much to explore in that place~ xD 

     Then we rode to Times Square, had our lunch and after that, I suggested going to a Japanese second hand book store called Book Off.

     Two of my friends were soooo into it that they spent over an hour looking over CDs, DVDs, mangas, Japanese magazines, etc. I felt bad for my other friend who wasn't into Japanese stuff and she was just sitting on the couch, sleeping ;v; I was hanging there with her to keep her less bored. 

     I bought a raw manga called Kimi no Kachi (きみの勝ち) for $2, so I can practice reading characters! *shot for weaboo move*

It's a manga that consists of 5 one shots

      There's also an English translation of it online so I can figure out what the words and sentences mean. 

     There were so many other cool stuff in the store, like HeartCatch PreCure!  items and Arashi CD sets and many more! They even sold shoujo magazines for $1 T__T But they were from the previous month's issue but that's still an awesome deal. 
     I almost forgot that I'm moving out on Friday D: I'm going to my college dorm and so I'll be updating  from there! I'm quite excited ^_^

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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