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Fake bangs and Massachusetts (PICTURE SPAM)
6 Adorable | Sunday, September 2, 2012 12:11 AM

Song of the week: Day by Day by T-ara

Showing some K-pop for once~~ Please don't kill me for using this song, especially after finding out about Hwa-young's bullying incident, but I really like it because it sounds catchy but not too bubbly either. I love Hwa-young's rapping! I will keep supporting her. I hope over time, things will get better for both her and T-ara.

     So hello! In Amazon, I ordered clip-in bangs for $5.90! I'm not allowed to have real bangs because it'll supposedly irritate my skin according to my mother. So I decided to get fake ones just to see how I look like with them xD The order arrived in less than 2 weeks and a month earlier than the expected delivery date *_* I tried it on though, but I think the bangs are a bit too wide so I might have to cut some bits of. Anyway, here's how I look with it, ufufu. I look like a mushroom.


     So weeks ago, I traveled to Massachusetts with my family, relatives and relative friends! We specifically traveled to Sandwich, Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. Once again, I have a lot of pictures, haha.

     DAY 1: Heritage Museums and Garden

     We first went to Sandwich, MA and visited this big area of gardens and small museums. It was really pretty and gorgeous!

By the entrance. So pretty!

Old windmill that had to be transported into four parts and was reassembled.

Really nice littler water pond~ 

This is a music garden where you can play with instruments. I was playing the xylophone ^o^

     We didn't visit the museums because we got tired already, and my aunt is pregnant so we couldn't walk any further. It was fun! We moved to another town called Cape Cod and it was around 5 pm that we checked-in at our inn. We didn't do much that day, just go to the beach but I just sat there and watched K-drama in my iPod, haha.

     DAY 2: Martha's Vineyard

     Martha's Vineyard is an island and we took a ferry to go there. We stayed there for a day but there was so much to explore! Apparently, Obama also has a vacation house in this island but of course, nobody knows where it's located.

If you know the Norton Anti-Virus company then this is the vacation house of its CEO (click for closeup and you'll see his name on the house). Company representatives also drop by to visit. 

     We also visited a cottage area! All the houses were really cute and built in the 1800s. Most of them actually have residents so I couldn't take all pictures because the residents were chilling by the doors, haha.

Cottage museum gift shop

This is one of the popular houses! So pink *_*

That's my dream house right there.

     We walked to a town and saw this old-fashioned arcade called "Flying Horses". This is where the oldest carousel in the nation is located.

Not as fancy as it looks compared to regular carousels xD

     DAY 3: Cape Cod

    This time, we explored more places in Cape Cod and that was their potato chip factory and beer factory. It was really interesting! The beer factory, not so much, because I don't drink beer and the factory itself was just one small room and everyone just stood there listening to the host talking while handing out beer to adults.

     After this we went to the Kennedy museum. It was small but still nice and cozy. There was also a baseball Hall of Fame room in the basement.

The Kennedy family likes to go to Cape Cod for vacation.

Baseball~~ I know nothing about it *shot*

     And we went to the beach again, and this time I swam xD The water was cold, which I liked but I freaked out whenever I saw weird looking creatures in the sand. I died inside when a moth landed on my back D: Or was it a moth? Lol. And then my cousin kept showing me this hermit crab he found XDDD;

     DAY 4: Last day in Cape Cod

     We only spent half the day here then we left.. My sister, cousin and uncle were at a small museum while I was outside, bored, taking pictures of myself.

The harbor looked gorgeous.

     Then we went to some sort of garden with a fountain and there was a wall showing Kennedy's face. It was really pretty~~

Darn Kennedy's face was blocked here lol

SO PRETTY ~~I want to live in a neighborhood like that ;~;

     After all this, we had lunch at McDonalds (I forgot to mention we ate in a lot of fast food restaurants -_-) and drove back home~ I finished half of the Korean drama I was watching and I was so ready to go to bed. Anyway, I'm updating this from my dorm because I moved here 2 days ago! It's been doing greeeaaat but I still have to ask IT guys to set up Internet through my ethernet cable D: So yeah, my next post will definitely be about my new college life!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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