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Finished my week with little procrastination! Feels good (*≧▽≦)
5 Adorable | Sunday, September 30, 2012 4:17 PM

Song of the week: THE SONG by UVERworld
Time to play some J-rock! UVERworld is such an awesome band, I love the intensity of their songs! Their single, "The Over" was released just last month!

I think I'm getting better at styling my clip-on bangs  d=(´▽`)=b

    Hi everyone! Kamusta kayo lahat (How are you guys) ? (`・ω・´)  I just spoke in Filipino because I miss speaking in my native language hihi. I have a small announcement to make! And it's that I have a Formspring account!

     So go ahead and ask me anything XD I also added the logo in my left column. If you have a Formspring account as well, feel free to share it with me! Honestly, I'm not even expecting this to be active since I'm not that interesting or popular to begin with =w= But I still put it up because of reasons.

     Anyway, I just finished the week and I barely procrastinated! I got all my work done in time without getting that pressure of rushing my work. It's always important to not just think of finishing homework, but also doing them efficiently. Granted, I had to sacrifice going to club meetings D: I really wanted to go to 3 clubs this week but only limited myself to 1 because I wanted to complete my homework for Physics and Matlab (short for matrix laboratory). Next time, I'll try to get things done earlier so I have more time for myself. I'm almost done with my math hw for next week! ^_^

Felt like taking a picture of my slippers. Aren't they cute? ;o;

     So you know when you go to church, it's always good to wear something dress-y and not too casual? Yeah, that's what I've been doing but not just for dress code reasons. I do that to.. um, ehehe look nice in front of Ikemen even if I don't talk to him >//> *sigh* I'm hopeless ヽ(´~`;)

     I've also been playing more piano now! I'm so happy! There are two pianos in my dorm, one at the main floor lounge and one at the basement lounge. I now use the one in the basement lounge when people aren't around so they don't hear me. I don't really have a purpose for playing the piano, it's just a way for me to have fun. I've been practicing "Nyan Cat" and "Itsumo Nando Demo" which is a song from the movie Spirited Away. Maybe if I'm good enough, I can record it on Youtube, but it's probably not going to sound as great as other covers you can find xD

This piece is so fun to play! A few girls from my dorm noticed the tune and knew I was playing a Spirited Away song

Song from the game "Aion". It's a beautiful song! I recommend it to anybody to look it up on Youtube  

     If you're an experienced piano player, you'll notice the pieces are ordinary and not that difficult to learn. But what really gets to me are the chords and there are some notes that are impossible for me to play at the same time. I can only reach a whole step higher than an octave T__T

     That's all for this week's post! ^^/ To those who started school this September, how's your school life going? I wish everyone a great and successful year!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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