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Exam month and beyond and Zessei Bijin auditions!
4 Adorable | Tuesday, October 16, 2012 4:25 PM

Song of the week: 闇のくちづけ by 川澄 綾子 (Yami no Kuchizuke / Kiss of Darkness by Kawasumi Ayako)

     So if you read my profile, I said  that my name came from an anime named Sister Princess. I managed to get the character song of Chikage, one of the main 12 sisters of the story! It's such a nice, mysterious song even if the organ music sounds a bit Halloween-y (oh, it's October though so that works!).

     Hey everyone~ This month has been really busy and I didn't post anything last week because I was studying a lot for exams. I still have another one this Tuesday so I'm doing my best! I realize from my Chem exam scores, that I need to open up myself more and ask for help, whether it be in tutoring or asking the professor :( The Chemistry course in my school is apparently intense - either you know it or you don't (and I don't xD). So I have to keep working hard to get a good grade next time!

キラキラ ! Need to study -v-

     For the first time, there were Korean guys who liked my profile picture (above). If this was three years ago, I'd flip because I used to have this thing for Japanese and Korean dudes. But now I think I'm more open to what kind of guys I like lol XDD I wish I could friend Ikemen on Facebook T__T *shot*

     So the other thing I'm freaking out about is the Zessei Bijin auditions... Zessei Bijin is a Youtube chorus group that sings mostly to J-pop songs. They have a few English and Kpop songs too. And they have great, talented members! I passed the first round and even though I sang LIVE, they gave me a chance to participate in Round 2 and I'm so incredibly grateful ;A;

     To get myself hold of an available microphone, I visited Oishii! Ichigo member, Jenny :D She was so incredibly helpful and awesome, and I can't wait to hang out with her again! I definitely need to get my own mic next time XDD; But yeah, it was fun! I'm not very confident though of my song choice, but because of my busy schedule, I only have time to work on a laid-back song, and I tried to the best of my abilities to be expressive in my cover. So I'm not getting my hopes up for this round, especially because they only pick 10 out of the 50 participants from Round 1. But once the round is over, I will publish my song out :)

     I actually recorded a vlog of my day with Jenny. Hope you enjoy it!

We sang a Vocaloid song called Magnet! My part isn't perfect but it was an awesome experience. It was a great pleasure to duet with Jenny ^__^

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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