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School rant, ~new drawing~, cute stuff I bought in Comic-con
4 Adorable | Sunday, October 28, 2012 10:04 AM

Song of the week: Dreamy Child by Hisaishi Joe (久石 譲) 
 I've been listening to so much Joe Hisaishi music lately! He's definitely one of my favorite composers. In this album, all the pieces in there are for solo piano except for one that has a few instrumentals in the background. Dreamy Child is one of my favorites in this album, along with Green Requiem and Wind Forest :')

     Hello everyone~ Last weekend, I came back home to go to the dentist. I had to get a really bad molar extracted. The surgery went well but it was the post-surgery that inconvenienced me because my diet was limited for the day. I couldn't eat anything solid and and drink hot beverages. No sipping from a straw either. So I starved myself for the rest of the day day :'D

     I checked my scale and I still weigh 100 lbs lol. So I don't think the freshman 15 myth is working on me, since my weight still hasn't changed (but it didn't deduct either).

     Also, I've been busy and I realize, doing hw early and talking to profs and TAs to look them over during office hours will help me immensely. So far I've had 3 As and a B in my exams, and one C- (or a D) in Chem. So I can't let Chem be the one subject that will pull me down. I'm going to get some hardcore tutoring on Sunday for Tuesday's quiz :'Db

     Anyway... I think I still have free time for things, I still draw a bit. Actually, I finished a drawing for Zessei Bijin Round 2 :'D It's not that detailed and planned out as much because it was just for a mock scenario I had to perform:

     Oh! And I keep forgetting to post pictures of stuff I bought in comic-con! I bought quite a number. I spent $50 overall, but my companions from the anime club spent way above that amount XDD;

    I did not take a lot of cosplay pics... since the convention was more centralized on Western comic fandom, there weren't a lot of anime-related cosplays in the venue. And even if I found a few, I didn't really like the costumes they wore. Buuuuut I managed to take a picture with a Kuroko cosplayer *____* Check it out~~

Aah, look at me so derpy and Kurokocchi all so kewl and chill

    And here are the items I bought~ I didn't buy much but it was worth it anyway XD

Cellphone not included lol

My apologies for this wrinkly shirt

$5 print by artist Zeiva (click her name to access her dA)

     Fun weekend was fun :'D But it's always back to school nightmares hahaha. Next semester I'll have to take 21 credits. I'm terrified of the workload I'll face and I wonder if I can even manage to be on top of my work and be efficient on it at the same time .__.; And everything I studied this semester is fundamental knowledge of science and math so next sem will be harder orz I'll keep working hard! 

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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