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Maid Show Then Back to Study Mode!!
1 Adorable | Sunday, November 18, 2012 9:22 PM

Song of the week: Girlfriend - Vocaloid cover by Apolcore


This time, it's a YT video :) I personally think it's the best cover around. And I think I'm love deprived T__T Listening to this song makes me feel lonely~~ ;v;

     I didn't do so well in two of my exams this week. I'm hoping for the curve at the end of the semester but just because there's a curve, doesn't mean I should stop working hard. The Internet distracts me (even now lol) 3__3; Very bad. So I'm trying my best for the next two exams for tomorrow and Tuesday. Wish me luck! Thanksgiving break, I am not going to stop working and I'll be in the library all day in my town haha. Finals are coming next month so it's all or never!

     Also, I performed in Reni Mimura's maid cafe! I MET HANA-CHAN *__* You can see our live performance here in the link below!

     Click the following link: HANA AND CHIKAGE'S LIVE PERFORMANCE

     It went very well and we even met new people! Well, ok, my solo was meh but I'm not giving up and I'll improve next time ;__;b Watch out for song covers every 2 weeks!

     See I made this small vlog announcement in my Oishii! channel before the maid show C:


     Hana-chan also has her own Oishii! channel! ^_^ Click here to access it  

     Here's a picture of us together!

     And lastly, thank you for 50 followers/friends! I'm so glad I started blogging ;v; It's a really good way to appreciate your daily moments. Even if it's just a normal typical day, it's still a part of your life. I'm glad I got to record all these moments in my blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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