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My Hurricane Sandy Story and Oishii! Project Auditions (see below)
2 Adorable | Sunday, November 4, 2012 6:29 AM

Song of the week: Reason by Jung Il Young

Autumn in my Heart is a really old K-drama but I really love this series!! I only started watching it this week. I don't know why, but listening to this song feels so nostalgic and reminds me of the old days when things were still simplistic and we didn't rely so much on tecchie stuff like iPhones and laptops. Oh, and Yiruma is the one  who composed this song. Enjoy listening while reading my long post below ;D


Photo taken by university

     How's everyone today? This week was pretty stressful, yet at the same time so memorable. My school was affected greatly by Hurricane Sandy. The weather was scary and I had guts to walk out of the building to have dinner. No way was I starving myself XD; We had a power outage at around 8 pm on Monday. The people in my floor had nothing else to do so we just sat outside the hallway and talked, played games and shared stories. It was a nice bonding moment ♡ The RA (residence assistant) revealed to us that our dorm has the most well-behaved people. I guess it's because we're an all-girls STEM dorm so we're pretty much the nerdy section. She also told us some really messed up incidents that happen in co-ed dorms. And no, it's not just things such as skateboarding on the stair case and grilling indoors. A lot of them involved, eherm, rated-18 stuff but I won't talk about it just because I don't want to get in trouble XDDD; Even if no one from my school reads this =v=b

     After spending hours of talking, the hall director came to us and said that we'll have to evacuate any time soon. I didn't really mind so my roomie and I started packing. There was no update from the hall director after that so we all took a nap. Later on, the hall director woke us up around 1:30 am in the morning and everyone from the dorm gathered  downstairs to move to another dorm which was next to us. There was supposed to be a running generator there but when we arrived, it turns out the generator died already! What a waste of time DD: But it would be more of a waste if we went back to our own dorm. So we all scattered in different lounges and slept. I was lucky I was one of the people who slept on couches. Everyone else slept on the floor.

     Now this was Tuesday. We woke up early to get food from the dining hall. Because there was still no power, food supply was limited and the generator in the dining hall would only last until 3 pm. There was a very long line outside and my friends and I waited for 30 minutes to get our meals swiped. But there was still a good amount of food for everyone, even if it was just burgers, bread and a few drinks. After our meal we spent the rest of the afternoon studying (this is the exciting STEM life =v=).

     Then the RA announced that we're allowed to go back to our dorms... to pack up more things. We were expected to travel to another campus of the school because apparently, it relies on solar power and there's Wi-fi. She also said that we'd have to stay there for 5 days the most! So we went back to our own dorm, and I entered my room, took out my suitcase and put in a chunk of underwear, shirts, a pair of sweatpants, jeans, my sneakers and flip flops. Plus hygiene products. And  notebooks and folders (no textbooks because I knew I'd fall from overload). And a pillow and blanket. I had way too much stuff but it was worth it even if it was a struggle to bring all of them to the bus.

You see this in every street of my campus :'D Photo taken by university

     So we arrived to the other campus and this time, all of us scattered into different buildings. Luckily, the group I was in moved to the lounge of one of the newly built apartments, so it looked very modern looking, clean and spacious. However, there were no showers. My friend and I didn't bother going to another building to take one because we decided to go home the next day anyway (・ω・`) So after we settled inside, my friends and I went to the dining hall of that campus and stuffed ourselves!! And we even took pictures, just to commemorate the moment.


    After that, we spent the rest of the night studying and keeping watch of school updates. The school finally posted and said that there'd be no classes for the whole week!! I was sooo happy ヽ(;▽;)ノ And I just found out recently that my exams and recitation assignments are moved to the next week it's scheduled. I have more time to prepare now!

     So after that, nothing much happened. My friend and I watched a Korean drama before we slept, lol. Then when it was time to sleep, we realized there were no couches for us to sleep on because they were all taken so we had to sleep on the cold, hard floor. We took out our towels, and laid them on the floor as our "mattresses" :'D We took out our pillows, laid down and closed our eyes... and periodically waking every 3 hours because the floor was butt cold and I needed my sweat shirt to sleep better.

Sad moments

     The next morning my parents called and said they're on their way to my school. I'm so glad. I feel bad leaving my friend behind but it turns out later on, she moved back to her hometown too! :D So I'm relieved.

     When I came back to my hometown though, a lot of shops were closed -_- Thankfully my house restored power and internet, a few hours after we arrived. But every gasoline station was closed and my dad REALLY needed to refill the car.

     Oh, I also met my friend! She goes to NYU and she has no classes until Monday, like I do. We tried to find places with Wi-fi but to no success. She recently moved to her new house and she has to wait until next Wednesday to get her Internet set up. So since there was nothing to do, we ate a Thai restaurant! The food was really good ^u^

Gotta brush up my photograph skills D:

     Ok, so that's it for my story! Noooow here's my big announcement ! ! It has been 6 months since Oishii! Project formed and it currently has a 9-member "prototype" idol group called the "Oishii! Ichigo" and a "trainee" group called the "Mini Cherries" and that group consists of 15 recruited members who have the potential to be a "net idol". Since then, Oishii! Ichigo has released its own single that consists of original English and Japanese songs. The Mini Cherries on the other hand, have received training, critique and guidance to optimize their performance as "net idols". And now, the Mini Cherries have split into three groups (more announcement about it later on) and the Oishii! Project staff is looking for new people to be new members of the Mini Cherries! So if you're interested in singing, dancing, fashion, Jpop culture, etc. then please consider auditioning :D Here is the information video :

Speaker is the famous Beckii Cruel, our co-manager :3 Also, NOTE: If you succeed in being part of the Mini Cherries, it is extremely important that you dedicate yourself to the group. It's fun to perform and interact with fans, but all the success is done through hard work and discipline. I may be a college student, but I am one who tries to stick to deadlines, despite my academic priorities. So please think it through! Thank you!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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