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Time constraints and friendships
2 Adorable | Sunday, November 11, 2012 10:58 AM

Song of the week: I Will Show You by Ailee
Anyone know "rookie" K-pop singer Ailee? She has a new mini album and has a PV of I Will Show You! I love her so much and she's incredibly talented and probably even more skilled than some other K-pop singers. When I listen to this song, I think "I will show you that I will be victorious over my exams!!" *shot*

      Happy November! It snowed this Wednesday and the snowfall looked so pretty ^_^ My mom took a picture outside the house.

     The snow only lasted a day but it was so nice to look at! ^o^ I want to play with it next time~

     I have so many exams next week and the week after ;A; I gotta study non-stop because the exams are no joke. My finals next month are 3 hours long T__T If I slack off, I'll be eaten alive.

      Because I do so much work, I don't have the time to socialize... I met with this guy from my music theory class this week too. I told him the amount of time I study and then he asked in a straight forward manner if I had any friends. I jokingly said, "Gosh, that's a sensitive topic. I mean, I try to meet new people, but you know, I don't always have the time". Or do I not?

     I used to dislike my roommate. Now we're very close to each other now. She's practically my new best friend. Honestly, both of us are so quiet in public and you can't imagine how crazy we are behind our door. She's officially the only person I can be myself around with. She likes to play with my straight, smooth hair because she thinks it's unreal. She even calls me her cartoon character because she thinks I look like one, haha :'D

     I do have other friends. I can't hang out with them as much as I can. But we can still talk in a comfortable and casual manner. But it's not like I visit their rooms and just jump on their bed like it's nothing. I always try to be polite, no matter how close I am to a person. Of course, that's what makes it difficult for me to get to know a person more. For me, I gain close friends because people like to approach me, but I don't take the effort doing it the other way around. I'm too scared people will be annoyed by me or dislike me T__T I know, I know, I gotta take the chance and be more spontaneous.

     My roomie agrees though that it's impossible to look for time to have fun. But it's possible to MAKE time. My friend from the Philippines also takes Engineering. He's a junior now and will do job training for a year. However, he's joined the Outdoors club and he often goes hiking and doing something cool in the rural areas of the country. I wish I was as outgoing as him :')

     So those are the "deep thoughts" I had over the week. How do you all manage your time as a student? :)

     And here's a picture of my friend and I in an Asian gala that I attended yesterday XD; I needed to take a break for the night =v=

EDIT: omg! I forgot to add that we painted our bathroom ! The theme was "Childhood Memories" ^__^

I'm half of an anime-nerd so of course I drew Sailor Moon 

     Have a nice week everyone!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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