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New Year Goals and Songs I've Duet-ed/Guest Sang for The Month!
2 Adorable | Sunday, December 30, 2012 6:30 AM

Firstly, I have INSTAGRAM !~ Add meh =V= My username is mochaclaire

And here I am being derpy for a new vlog!~~~~~~

If you noticed, I updated my pictures in this blog. Trying to put something new for the New Year XD

Song of the week: 雨が降る/Ame Ga Furu cover by me and KrazehKai (original: 坂本 真綾)

Yup, my voice is made of so much poop compared to Kano's (that's my nickname for her) but she mixed it so well! She also drew this picture and lol it looks so precious ;w;

I also guest sing in a chorus song with a women's group called ZesseiBijinGirls. I was actually a replacement for a person who backed out of this song so it was a last minute favor, haha.

Ok! So let's get on with my goals for the New Year. I don't really like to call it New Year's "resolution" because I'd rather "not reach" a goal,  than "breaking a resolution". Because then, I can reach my goal at another time (。・ω・。) So here it is!

1. Get even better grades this spring semester and beyond!

2. Make song covers and improve over time

3. Make new friends (*´_ゝ`)b

4. Apply for a research program that is held in the summer

5. Maybe, and just maybe, practice more piano. Ideally, it would be good if I practiced 2-3 hours daily! But there will be times that I have to break my routine because midterms and finals closely approach. 

6.  Apply for scholarships

7.  Practice Japanese? (o´Д`o ) I don't know, I have no space to register for classes so I'll just have to learn from interacting with Japanese people on Twitter and other resources online. 

8. Get a part time job! So I can fulfill my wishlist (☆^□^)

9. Oh yeah, talk with my professors to make "connections" (o´ω`o)

10. Make this blog bigger and better!! ◝ (  ・◡・)◜

Do you have any new year goals that you'd like to share with? C:

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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