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Cute things I bought, weight loss and workout - long post - !
5 Adorable | Sunday, January 13, 2013 3:18 PM

Song of the week: I Don't Need A Man by Miss A
Can everybody just agree how lovely yet bad-ass this song is ? -w-

     This is a long post, so I'm putting pictures to keep readers entertained orz

     I went to NYC this Friday and bought cute things for myself! I was such a shut in this week, so I really wanted to walk around XD

     Here are accessories I bought in Forever 21!

A pair of blue bows, two sets of heart earrings, and a cross necklace (I've always wanted that!~)

      Then I went to a Japanese bookstore and got a few school supply stuff :D I'm so glad I have a Mamegoma item now xD

     So I posted several months ago in this blog that I really wanted to work out my legs. I never got the motivation to do it until this week. I put on shorts and randomly danced while recording myself. And after watching it, it was then that I realized that I HAD to do something with my legs. I am pear shaped and my legs are ridiculously out of proportion with my thin upper body. I have small waist and arms. I am quite ashamed  to show my figure so I won't post a picture of my legs until some progress actually happens orz I was too full of myself, thinking I was thin, but I knew deep down I really wasn't. I am average.

     Just to let you know where I stand, I am 5'2" and I weigh 103 lbs. That's actually a good weight here in the US but when I look at the physical profiles of Japanese idols that are my height, they weigh much less than me. 10 pounds less. That's close to 5 kg. One of these idols is Minegishi Minami, a member of AKB48. I'm so jelly T ^ T

     I already know there will be people who'll be judgemental and accuse me of wanting to be stick thin. Well. My sister AND my mother are skinnier than me. Even my dad is skinny. So I'm the one who's the thick-skinned one in the family. So this pear shaped figure of mine has nothing to do with genetics at all, thankfully. That means I can fix it ;v;

     So what I'm doing now is cutting down on my proportions, and eating only when it's necessary. When I'm bored, I distract myself from other things instead of going to the pantry to check what snacks there are. I make sure to eat good foods :D I gave up my Starbucks Hot Cocoa for green tea haha

     Then for workout, I work on lunges and squats, do jumping jacks, and. Yeah, the only thing I'm missing is running. But I hate jogging because I feel conscious, and I still have to wait until next week until I can get access to a treadmill in my school's rec center. So I stick to these exercises for now.

     I'm sure there's a lot of other girls here who are thinking of shedding some weight too. If you have some tips pls share!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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