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Loved the first week of 2013!
2 Adorable | Sunday, January 6, 2013 12:58 PM

Song of the week: 千華繚乱 / Senka Ryounan / Profusion of Flowers  by Yuuhei Satellite
This is Touhou indie music. I've been quite addicted to this group's songs xDD

     Hey everyone! How's it going? I had a lovely week, because I did a lot of things! If I laze around too much, I'd feel depressed and bummed out, so it's nice to be active from time to time. I watched movies, met up with a friend, tutored an underclassman, ate good food, and got myself some nice stuff! I also took a lot of chemistry notes but I have to do more for my microeconomics and multivariable calculus class. But one class at a time! I probably need to do some  workout, so I'll probably try doing some warm-ups when no one's around at home, ahaha orz

     Here's a product I purchased!~ It was only $5 because Victoria's Secret had some clearance sales. It smells quite nice!

     So yeah! I know I was supposed to do a vlog and I did record it. But I decided to redo it because I was sick that time and I refuse to show anything that's not sung perfectly. Or close to perfect, because I'm not a perfect singer, haha.

     I got my bangs trimmed so now it's spanking new! Well, I didn't really like the hair stylist because she put the brush on the floor to fix the hair dryer, then she picked it up and used the brush on me! Eww. that's so unhygienic kind of :/ She was old but oh well. I didn't tell my mom or she'll flip out. At least my hair still looks decent XD


Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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