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Haven't updated in a while! My thoughts on make-up
1 Adorable | Sunday, February 10, 2013 11:26 AM

Song of the week: Hush by APink

I'm so addicted to this song. It sounds sexy, cute and fabulous! lol. I need to hunt for more songs like this. If you got any recommendations pls do share!~

      Hey everyone! How's your month going so far? Firstly, I would just like to say, thank you so much for visiting my blog even though I have been absent for the past few weeks and I didn't have enough time to visit back other people's blogs and say hi. Also, my posts are getting boring but thank you for keeping up with me! I'm gonna stop by other's blogs and say hello after I'm done with this post!

     It's been snowing heavily in the Northeast of USA since Friday! That day, elementary, middle and high schools ended class early but of course my uni made us go to class -_-

     But I made it safe to my dorm! And I'm back to working on hw and drawing of course!

     So I know this question is getting repetitive but is anyone doing anything special on Valentine's Day? :D I got no Valentine this year so lol. But I want to make a Valentine drawing! ^-^ I'll update it in my tumblr and Facebook page.

     Hmm recently since I started college, I haven't been wearing makeup too often. I have no reason to wear makeup when I go to class, and I'm not trying to impress anybody (and 80% of the people in my class are male lol). I'm guilty of the fact that I thought of makeup badly last semester. I thought it was fake and that girls covered up their natural beauty. Until now I STILL think makeup covers your face of course but I don't consider it "fake" anymore! I mean, natural beauty is the best kind of beauty imo, but make-up keeps things interesting and it's also a way to express creativity, right? Also, in terms of formality it's more appropriate to wear it during special occasions and events. And if you're into some kind of fashion, make-up is one of the tools that make your stylish look complete. Lastly, if it's a way to satisfy yourself, I don't see why anyone should stop you from doing what you want to do.

     I think I just had a pretty bad experience with make-up stylists when I had prom -_- The girl who did my makeup was only a college student working part time in her family's salon. Everything looked great except the foundation, which was darker than my skin color! ;n;

Lol see the difference between my face and my upperbody

      Anyways, I gotta go now! Do share your opinions on makeup if you'd like! It doesn't matter to me if you agree with my statement or not, I'd just love to hear other people's statements on it.

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