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It's been... a month
4 Adorable | Saturday, March 16, 2013 9:48 PM

Song of the week: Kaze no Toorimichi by Joe Hisaishi
Wanted something relaxing to listen to. Enjoy!

Hello everyone. Thank you to people who have visited my blog. I don't really know why people do, there's really nothing interesting going on so far :'D

Anyways, I post a lot of pictures on the Oishii Kiwi facebook page! Here's the latest:

I've been trying harder to improve my make-up! I really don't wear make-up in general but as a member of a net idol group, it's my responsibility to provide the best eye-candy you guys can see XDD

February was a really bad month for me :( I bombed all my tests and even failed 2 of them. I think it's due to bad time management; I tried to get things done to get them over it but never failed to put my heart into any of my classes because there was just too many to juggle. 

And, it's spring break but I still have work to do! I've been opening up to my professors and it's helped me feel more secure and confident for my next midterms. I'm truly hoping things get better this month! 

Anyway, I'll put a better and more interesting blog post next week! So stay tuned! Thanks to everyone who've kept up with my blog ^^

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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