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Work clothes, Travelling to Cape May and Atlantic City, and My Budding Love for Otomes Games!
2 Adorable | Wednesday, May 29, 2013 10:28 AM

Hiiii! Before I begin, I made a video this week about my summer plans. My new hair looks ugly. I'm now a mushroom head ._.

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I'm also going to update with a new song cover next week so look forward to it as well!

So this week I bought quite a lot of clothes for my job this summer. I have no office clothes whatsoever except for maybe a blazer and a dress, but I never had any of those black slacks and pencil skirts and dressy formal blouses.

I went to New York and shopped with my mom. All of them except for one were bought in H&M because this store is affordable AND has stylish clothing. I bought black slacks in Macy's and it was really nice as well. I would not go to a place such as Forever 21 because I can only think of it as a store for casual outdoors and party look. I think stores such as Gap and Banana Republic provide more serious adult-looking clothing. And there's  also Mango and Zara although those can be expensive.

I just realized these are Christmas colors haha

And then I bought red-striped shorts from H&M for myself

Honestly, everything I bought is not enough for work. These are only slightly above a week's worth of clothes. I need to double, no, even triple the supply I have orz Plus I still need to get myself black heels and aaahhh. I need to get moving because I'm moving out on Sunday! ;n;

If any of you have any suggestions on what kind of work clothes to buy, feel free to comment! ^_^

Now to my weekly events. I traveled with my family to Cape May and Atlantic City for the past few days! They are both in Southern New Jersey and have boardwalks and beaches and all that nice summery stuff.

Cape May was a small, refined town with pretty little shops and vintage houses by the streets. It also had a tall lighthouse as its landmark and we went to the top! The view was mesmerizing!

View from the tower

At night, we traveled to Atlantic City to stay the night over because the hotels were cheaper. Then we strolled along the boardwalk. It  was more modern and lively, and definitely a place for partying, gambling and clubbing.

(Taken from iPod so crappy quality)

It might just be me but I preferred Cape May more. I'm not into the party lifestyle although I WOULD go again to Atlantic City with friends but only for one last time xD Also, the city behind the Atlantic City boardwalk is pretty dirty and shady unlike Cape May, where the neighborhood seems more quiet and safe. It was a good trip overall and I'm glad I've gone to other nice places to visit this summer.

Ok one last thing. I finished this Otome game on my iPod called My Forged Wedding and it was absolutely brilliant. I played the trial and I first picked the male character I was least impressed with just so I could save the best ones for last. But I think I might have picked the best one because I ended up BUYING his story even if it cost me $6 which covers his main story and epilogue!! ermagahd it was amazing, I cried while playing the game. I haven't felt this way  in a long while :'DD


His name is Saeki~! Isn't he gorgeous? I love the story and his background and the main female character and like everything about the game fffuu. He's a pervert which I like~ And he knows how to be romantic at the right times and he always comes with surprises!

Then I picked ANOTHER character because the game was so addicting and chose the one who was taller and seemed more fatherly and gentle:

Oh, hey~~

His name is Takao. His story was a bit boring imo and there was less romance and more family drama but it was still nice and sweet in the end. He's my ideal type of husband/boyfriend: kind, loving, family-oriented, loves kids, cooks and cleans, has a professional career, tall and handsome, I could go on haha. Gahd, do perfect men such as him exist?

The latest one I played was an older guy named Kunihiko and the main character is related to her but not by blood:

Ain't he gorgeous?

He's a super awesome gentleman and rich and many girls flock around him, but he has a sad past which makes me appreciate him even more. Definitely one of my favorites!

It cost me almost $20 for all 3 characters and I HAVE to resist  playing more this month although it's difficult ;A; There are more characters I can still play and I intend to play all of them and there is still a sequel and spin-offs and even a new season and other otome games and asdghhkjhsgdjd orz If I indulge myself, I'd spend almost $100 flirting with virtual fictional men lololol

I haven't made such awesome long posts in a looong while so I hoped you enjoyed reading! (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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