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Happy Almost New Year!
0 Adorable | Friday, December 27, 2013 9:24 PM

Hey~~ Today I'm staying at home for the entire day ovo It's actually... quite nice.

LOL It's been months and months since I posted here because of life lol. It's been years since I actually experienced that... knowing people and sharing experiences with one another. I don't feel as lonely anymore but sometimes I want time for myself to make sure I stay grounded.

I'm preparing for next semester. I'm actually more nervous of conducting a study group for the first time and getting students to like me, instead of being nervous for engineering classes  ;____; I was very quiet and unsociable during my first semester of LA (learning assistant) work, even though the only thing I really have to do is answer students' questions if they're stuck with something. But I guess to be successful in work and be able to climb up the ladder, you really need to step up your game and be likeable to everyone *sigh*

Christmas celebration was quite nice. My parents bought a real tree this time and it smells really good!

We then got gifts~~ I got a 3DS XL for $135.99 in Target instead of the original $199.99 price!! ( * ^ * ) So luckehhhh.

I got the blue one!

My mom also bought me a Michael Kors wallet. I never really asked for it but I will put it to good use. I think  at this age, for a young woman like  me, I have to care about appearances and it's good to have fancy items. But I personally believe expensive branded items should only be sought for when you're a working woman. By then I can get all the Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and Tory Burch I want lol.

It scares me to think that there are girls younger than me who want those brands and even more... Also I don't encourage make-up until you're 17/18 but lipgloss is ok. Maybe I'm just too old-fashioned lol.

I also ordered three Taobao items for myself from the shop, Bobon21. Their clothes are so adorable and fluffy! I can't wait to get them and I trust that the quality will be good ;v;b

Pictures from the agent~~~ I'm excited for these babies to get here *w*

Now for New Year's Resolutions wheeee.

I think I have resolutions every single day. So I already had them forever but they keep modifying time by time haha. Here is a list of some of them:

1) Excel academically (a goal since conception)
2) Find an engineering internship
3) Lose weight - ugh I'm still on that but foood ;__; my diet got worse because I have money now and I buy whatever food I like. But I really want to look good in thigh highs and shorts. I'm not as insecure as I was before with my figure but I thought maybe I could do better you know?
4) Find time to draw and/or play piano - maybe for this part, I'll have to motivate myself to finish work early so that I can actually do these things as a reward. That would be a good strategy!
5) Be more organized - I realized I could've raised my grades by half a letter if I was better at getting my shet together in place lol. I need more folders and a cleaner bedroom orz
6) Stop giving a crap about what others think of me - period.
7) Read more literature books

Ok that's all! It feels so good to blog again aaah.

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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