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Maid Cafe NYC Review
0 Adorable | Wednesday, January 15, 2014 9:44 AM

Hello~~ This is my last week of vacation and I start school again on the 21st. I am NOT looking forward to it but I want to feel prepared. Gosh I'm going to miss free time so much. And playing LoZ ;n;

On Monday I went to New York to visit Maid Cafe NYC to see what it was like~~~ Spoiler alert: I was disappointed.


Taken by Allen Liu
The main logo~~ It looks pretty good

Taken by Andrea Park
The appearance from outside. As you can see, they need to take out the display underneath the banner.

Firstly, when I entered I wasn't even greeted with "Okaerinasaimase Ohime-sama!", a greeting that EVERY maid should  say when a customer enters (or Goshujin-sama if it's a male). Nope didn't get any of that. And yet many reviewers said they were greeted in that manner. So why didn't I get the same treatment? I suspect it's because of how I looked. My appearance and demure in real life doesn't come off as someone who is familiar with J-pop and anime and all that stuff. I guess the maid assumed that I had zero clue about Otaku culture and just asked what I wanted to order. I also remember reviewers saying that the maids were embarrassed to greet them and they thought it was cute. Well, I dont find it cute. You should stand PROUD and say out LOUD "WELCOME HOME MASTER!" In the end they were just waitresses in uniforms.

Welp. I ordered hot bubble tea by the counter and sat on my table. After a few minutes she brought me my cup. Here was my first issue. The cup was really HOT to touch. duh. I wasn't even given a coffee sleeve to prevent my fingers from burning. I don't think they even HAD coffee sleeves. So that was more minus points.

Photo taken by Tony L.
It looked like this but it was a sticker logo instead of a print stamp.

The plus point was that the maid wrote a cute message on top saying "Be careful my princess! It is hot ;A;"
Yeah well duh I know it's hot. Once again, it would be nice if I got a coffee sleeve.

I spent a good 15 minutes there just looking around. Appearance wise, it's not the best looking maid cafe but I will be fair because in Japan, maid cafes are quite an investment, and this one in New York started out small so I'm giving it a chance to wait and see it grow and upgrade. It definitely had an otaku feel to it. It played anime music and they sold anime merchandise and cute clothing imported from Japan.

Not the most fabulous setting and could do some more work

After that I left the cafe. There were two maids by then. Nobody even said bye. I mean, I guess at this point maids are not obliged to say goodbye but you know what? I left the cafe with a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. Maybe it was just a quiet day with not a lot of customers. But even so. I believe maids should always be professional and greet whoever the customer is, whether it is an otaku or a newbie, and make them feel welcome. That is a trait of hospitability and I didn't get a dime of it. Maybe a few cents, because the greeting on the cup was cute.

Overall, I give it a 2 out of 5 because the maid themselves just dragged it down by a mile. They weren't rude or anything but they didn't ACT like maids. Also, the interior design could use some improvement. The uniform decoration on the wall was a neat idea though, it's like the guitars and disks you see hanging on the wall in Hard Rock cafe.

Taken by Nikkan-Spa

That concludes my review for the cafe~~ I will go there again just to see Reni and buy some clothes lol. I suggest anyone living in the tri-state area to visit it just to see an actual "maid cafe" in the US but don't get too hyped up about it. 

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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