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My Opinion on Heirs
1 Adorable | Friday, January 10, 2014 10:16 AM

Main Cast of Heirs

Hi~~~ I just finished watching Heirs. I wanted to title it as a 'review' but this will be more of an opinion since I haven't completed the series yet and I don't want to bother writing an entire summary of the story because there were too many things going on in the series.

This is so far one of the lamest dramas I've watched. I expected this to be more comedic but it turned out to be more drama-ish with unrealistically evil high school characters who want to see the main character's (MC) life go down the drain because she's dating the richest boy in the school. The episodes I enjoyed watching were the first few episodes that were shot in L.A. and the last three episodes where everybody, almost everybody I mean, got a good ending.

Let me start off with the male and female lead - Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho), the secretly illegitimate child of the prestigious Jeguk Group, and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), the daughter of the Jeguk Group family's ~maid~. Basically Kim Tan is head over heels in love with Eun Sang making all these sacrifices, including a risk of losing all his wealth (which never happened anyway), his dignity and pride, just to be with her. And of course, Eun Sang is the poor girl who is always victimized and I guess the only thing that's really sparked in her life is her encounter with Kim Tan and yeah, of course she lurves him back (but I think Kim Tan loved her a lot more at the beginning).

Did I mention that Lee Min Ho's outfits look flabbergasting  throughout the entire series? During the first few episodes when he was in LA, he dressed more casually and it suited him and he actually looked hot because his shirts showed his build better. 

He looks so fiiiine

Then he moves to Korea to re-unite with his family despite his brother's will and low and behold, Korean fashion took him over and this is what he wears.

These gem designs lol

A pink fuzzy sweater... even I don't own a pink fuzzy sweater.

Let's not forget the floral shirts, unmatched polka dots coordinates, and other colorful outfits he wore after his move. One last bash on the actor - his hair looks bad. I wish he at least kept his black hair. And the bangs look just doesn't... suit him. He looks too 'manly' to sport that hairstyle :/ I guess I'm just picky.

I was also really confused about his character. In L.A. he seemed much more cool and not so rash in making decisions. Then the minute he moves back to Korea, all hell breaks loose and a lot of times he whines like a baby because of too many family problems and his ex-best friend hitting on Eun Sang. He always has these temper tantrums lol. You can't just go around flipping furniture, breaking doors, spilling drinks, and punching your former best friend all the time. Ugh. He does have many reasons to be pissed but dayum there are too many violent reactions in this series.


Cha Eun-Sang on the other hand... lol. Pretty much a good chunk of the series she is never happy and never smiles that it depressed me. It's only at the end where everything is resolved you can finally see her genuinely smile and everything works out for her and everyone else. The actress, Park Shin-Hye, has a nice figure she looks more shapely and plump. I could tell because her legs are similar to mine :'D 

Her face 95% of the time in every episode until maybe like Episode 18. It looks pretty annoying tbh.

Their lovey-dovey with each other is like a K-drama gender role reversal, with the guy being more playful, outgoing and taking the initiative while the girl is more quiet and embarrassed by displays of affection (lol this is actually more common in real life). Sometimes Kim Tan can get way to cheesy and I'm just like.. ew. And of course the even more cheesy OST comes in and the singer screams "LOVE IS THE MOMEEEENT~~~" AGH STAHP. At the end, I just got so used to them being all over each other that I was like, "EH JUST BE HAPPY TOGETHER ALREADY" and so they did. But I still hate that OST.

lol Eun-Sang's expression is just like "dafuq?"

Ok off with the negative  remarks. I'll now mention my favorite characters!

Yoon Chan-Young and Lee Bo Na

This couple is very cute. I like the way they interact with each other. Maybe a lot won't like Lee Bo Na because she's always humorously naggy and clingy but that's exactly what peculiarly attracts Yoon Chan-Young to her. They're both opposites.  Yoon Chan-Young is calm, patient and very mature. Lee Bo Na tries to be mean on the outside but she's a big softy and she was the first girl in school to give Eun Sang a hug. I like this couple because it was clear from the very beginning that they were devoted to each other and all the mishaps they had were very minor and always ended at a good note, unlike the KimTanxEunSang couple.

AAAH they're too cute!

My next favorite character is Choi Young-Do, the home wrecker male lead played by Kim Woo-Bin. At the beginning of the series pretty much everyone hates him, or at least is afraid of him, because he's a bully. Of course, just because someone's a bully doesn't make them 100% a bad person (I've been in that situation before). His actions are unjustifiable but as the series progresses, you can see that he's just a misunderstood kid who vents off his frustrations by hurting others, which again is not a good thing. In the end he matured a LOT and he actually got a really good ranking on the school's final exam. He got to reconcile with his mom and he finally got over Eun-Sang.

He is quite charming and his personality is REFRESHING. He's actually funny lol. I preferred his humor over Kim Tan's. 

Hello gorgeous

Towards the last episodes, he changed his hairstyle. >__> 

I didn't like it ;v; He has even stronger facial features than Lee Min Ho so I didn't really dig it. They did show a premonition of 10 years later that showed he went back to his bad boy hairstyle so I was happy haha.

So those were my favorite characters. I could've liked Rachel Yoo, Kim Tan's fiancée,
because she's REALLY  pretty, probably even the prettiest character in the series, and really smart
 and she can speak multiple languages. But in the end, character is the most important trait to make someone like-able. Rachel was too desperate, aggressive, and rude. I guess she's not used to expressing her feelings, kind of like Young-Do but worse. However, I like the actress and I shall post a pic of her.

Pretty heiress is pretty

Her personality did not improve throughout the entire series. She just remained bitter and quiet and NEVER apologized to Eun-Sang for all her wrongdoings. Ugh I can't forget the part at Episode 2 when she throws Eun Sang's suitcase to the bottom of the stair case, that was so effin unnecessary. I'd be like "BETCH YOU WANNA DIE." At Episode 14 she threw Eun Sang's $950 school uniform to the trash after she found out about the whole truth about her being poor. Then she further humiliates her by making her do cater service in a rich people party. I can never like her at the end.

At the 10 year premonition, they show her and Hyo Shin, one of Kim Tan's trusted friends, potentially having a thing for each other lol. She looks even more gorgeous without the bangs o__o

She kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

That reminds me, Rachel's mom looks really funny. The series is supposed to portray her as the typical elegant and fashionable lady because she's the owner of a fashion company herself but... her face is all plastic surgery and I can't help but look at her unnatural nose and small lips.

You'll understand how unnatural it looks when you watch it.

Anyway...  this drama didn't tear me up. There was too much BS and unnecessary crying and nothing really DRASTIC changed when I think about it. I only got teary eyed when Young-do got to eat a meal with Eun-sang's mom because it reminded him a lot about his own mom who ran away from the family. But yeah, that's it. Everyone who was rich stayed rich lol.  I did find Kim Tan's brother's ending interesting. He didn't get the good ending because his girlfriend broke up with him lol. He is different from Kim Tan because he prioritized the Jeguk business much more over her. That seemed pretty realistic.

And lastly the moral of the story. Pretty cliché but a good reminder: It doesn't matter how big your house is, how sleek your car is, or how expensive your clothes are. All you really need is love and warmth from the ones you care about. Without that, your life will just be an empty shell. 

That's it for my long-ass review on Heirs. It was a good time-killer but now I have to go back to studying some chemistry and thermodynamics ;v;

Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope it suits to your liking ^^

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