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New Years Post! Updated bloglayout :)
0 Adorable | Monday, January 5, 2015 11:35 AM

I haven't updated anything since... April 2014 @___@

That is sad :'D I think what happened was, I got influenced by my generation by posting everything instantly and shortly a.k.a tweeting.

Tweeting is easy and short, and most likely people will read it even with their low attention spans. Blogging these days is not as popular because people like to write in paragraphs and I guess nobody has time for that anymore (which is complete BS)?

To give life to this post, here's a selfie lmao how much more self-absorbed can I get?

Everyone has New Year's resolutions including me, except I really don't want to post mine in public. Even if not a lot of people read my blog, the fact that I made this promise to myself to the world is just pressuring. I'd rather keep them in my files with no one ever seeing my resolutions :'D

What I also learned about resolutions is that you need to make your goals short-term and achievable. If you have any long-term goals, save that for your birthday wishes. 

I will update again Sunday evening :3 


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