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Universal Studios and Disney World - Review, Tips on Budgeting
0 Adorable | Sunday, January 11, 2015 7:14 PM

During Christmas time, my family and I were in Orlando, Florida to visit Universal Studios and Disney World. I think it was the best experience ever and it made me revisit my childhood all over again, especially Disney World.

Universal Studio is well known for some of its thrill rides. It's not Six Flags level but close to it. I think the experience was alright, it made me break my fear of heights and drops from roller coasters. I didn't go to the extreme rides, but the indoors roller coasters were pretty legit too because they were very dark and eery and depending on the ride, it can get scary lol. I didn't favor the geography much because it was quite crammed. It was still good, especially the Hogwarts area :D

Now for Disney World. I think it was perfect for me, except for the immense number of people there due to the fact that the Holiday season was reaching its peak. It has a lot of parks, such as Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. I won't go over them in detail but I'd say that Magic Kingdom was the best (obviously, it was the main park), and the best fireworks show was at Epcot. The fireworks were incredible, it's a once in a lifetime experience. They were simply EPIC. Especially at the end when the fireworks were so big and almost at ground level, I almost thought the sparks would touch us but they didn't lmao.


If you're interested in going to these parks, I'd like to warn those who like to control their budgets that it is very pricey. Fast Passes in Universal Studios cost $88 per person. There are photographers in the Disney World parks and if you want to order online the pictures they took, the entire set would cost $160!! What a ripoff lmao. Also, we had lunch at a French themed restaurant at Epcot and our meal for 4 people, including a kid's meal and dessert, cost $95 wtfffff. The meals weren't even big and I could easily buy an 8$ meal of fried rice from a Chinese restaurant and I wouldn't even finish it.

Ehem. Despite the crazy budget, it was still an amazing, unforgettable experience. I loved taking pictures with mascots and Disney princesses. I loved the shows and the mini musicals, the rides, everything. My mom told me to save up so we can go again 10 years later lmao. Sorry mom, I think I want to save up for Japan next time :D Whoops.


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